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 Why aren’t traditional methods fixing  depression?


 Traditional solutions focus on controlling symptoms and not identifying and eliminating the real cause of them. Counseling spends a lot of therapy time talking about how you feel as well as searching for individual triggers and the history of these triggers this can take  a number of years sometimes decades and sometimes relies heavily on medication to help manage the symptoms and other options are rarely explored leaving it up to the sufferer to find their own alternative solution.People who eventually find and attend Fountainhead  are looking for a real solution, an educational solution, to be finally  taught the real cause of their stress,depression ,anxiety and self esteem issues and how to eliminate them long term.


Why Fountainhead  is a long term solution for depression?

The Fountainhead retreats  approach to depression  is completely different to traditional methods that are low on long term results. Our unique solution works though education on the cause and cure of chronic stress leading to depression and has three major components which are listed below, these are combined with a highly nutritious diet,exercise and relaxation therapy to help the body and mind to heal, this is what holistic treatment is all about and the work we have been doing for over a decade now.

  • We only use Fountainhead Method ™, trained life coaches.  The Fountainhead Method®  developed here onsite  since 2002 is an educational technique that examines the way a human being suffering a stress based illness, such as depression or anxiety, is thinking and processing the events of their life. This is based on the core belief structures they mainly developed at an early age and how the processing of reality through these core belief structures or as we call them “lenses” causes unwanted emotional symptoms and behaviour. It unpacks where a person learnt their views on life as well as how they incorrectly measure their self-worth. The information learnt in this process takes the sufferer’s incorrect or incomplete beliefs, which are based on misinterpretations of the past, and re-educates them to look at the same past experiences objectively and with the goal to understand, learn and grow from them which changes the underlying cause of their unwanted emotions and behaviour long term and without the use of drugs. The Fountainhead method is presently being used by 400 practitioners including psychologists and doctors throughout Australia with great results.
  • Journey “time line” Therapy supports it. Developed originally by American author Brandon Bays similar to time line therapy but different in that the focus is not only to identify your patterns of behavior and their origin-but to change the pattern then and there. Perhaps emotional clearing would be a simple way to express the process in which you are guided through. Your Journey Therapist will equip you with the tools to understand and release limitations. Be it anger, grief, anxiety, fear, or it could be as simple as a sense that there is something more you could be achieving for yourself and your life. No matter how deep the issue or how much you have struggled with it, there is always the possibility you can become powerful, free and fully self expressed. The purpose of Journey therapy is to  get to the  true root or cause of the issue, finding resolve and allowing you to live your life fully-free and empowered to create new possibilities.Many people say this was one of  the best parts of their program.
  • It is supported by Mindfulness training which has existed for millennia but has only been explained scientifically in the last twenty years.  “Mindfulness produces positive effects on psychological well-being that extend beyond the time the individual is practicing it. Over the last three decades mindfulness  practices have been increasingly incorporated into programs, to take advantage of these benefits. A large body of research has established the effectiveness of these mindfulness-based interventions in reducing symptoms of a number of disorders, including anxiety , depression , substance abuse , eating disorders , and chronic pain , as well as improving well-being and quality of life. Mindfulness  involves the development of awareness of present-moment experience with a compassionate, non- judgmental stance .It has been suggested that this process is associated with a perceptual shift, in which one’s thoughts and feelings are recognized as events occurring in the broader field of awareness”    Harvard Medical school Boston MA 2010

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